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My child is so good and respectable.  I was in disbelief to find pornographic images on his cell phone!  How should I confront him?  What can I do?

Enough Is Enough – The national leader on the front lines to make the Internet safer for children and families and confront online pornography, child pornography, child stalking and sexual predation with innovative initiatives and effective communications.

  • Internet Safety 101 –Internet Safety 101SM is a widely-renowned resource and teaching series that paints a comprehensive picture of the dangers children encounter online

You should specifically check out these points (most of them are shared by Online safety experts, Enough Is Enough):

  • Understand the statistics around pornography use and children.
  • Kids’ Access To Pornography – How are pornographers targeting children?
  • How Does Pornography Harm Kids? Here is a concise summary and and here you can find hundreds of articles about this.
  • What are some of the warning Signs That A Child May Be Viewing Pornography?
  • It is important to have multiple discussions with your children about the topic of pornography. But how? Here are few “Rules Of Engagement” to help you out.
  • Are you wondering If You Should Seek Help For Your Child?
  • What are the dangers of Social Networks?
  • Fight The New Drug – Fight the New Drug is a youth driven organization dedicated to raising awareness on the addictive and harmful potential of pornography.
  • The Porn Talk – Awareness/Education –The Porn Talk team is made up of family life experts, professional counselors, pastors, creative directors, parents, teens, and Web developers who are dedicated to helping parents address the issue of pornography and Internet dangers.
  • Beauty Redefined -Beauty Redefined is dedicated to taking back “beauty” for girls and women everywhere. We have a passion for helping girls and women recognize and reject harmful messages about their bodies and what “beauty” means and looks like.

Focus on the Family – The days of “the talk” are over. There are too many messages in the media and other sources vying for our kid’s attention. We could all learn a lesson from Disney about communicating with kids. Think sound bytes. Know your key messages. Really connect with your children, broach the messages briefly and then return to them later for more explanation.


If you or someone you know is addicted to pornography, reach out now to get started on the path to recovery.