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Tell 2012 Candidates “ENFORCE THE LAWS!”

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CALL EACH OF THE FRONT-RUNNER CAMPAIGNS DIRECTLY AT 1-877-354-2951 OR SEND AN EMAIL BELOW. Please let us know how they respond – email us at THREE LEADING GOP CANDIDATES HAVE GIVEN STATEMENTS PROMISING TO ENFORCE OBSCENITY LAWS IF THEY ARE ELECTED! We encourage you to continue efforts to contact them though. ASK THEM TO [...]

Sean Finnegan captures the heartache on film in Out of the Darkness

Posted on 9:40 pm in Media

BY SIMCHA FISHER Sean Finnegan would like to move on. After directing his award-winning documentary Out of the Darkness, featuring stories of people who escaped from the prison-like world of pornography, his production company, Anteroom Pictures, is ready for something more uplifting — maybe an account of the interior life of St. Thomas More. “More started out with a [...]

Sexual Trafficking and Pornography – the Link Between the Two

Posted on 9:36 pm in Research

At both the federal and state levels, law enforcement agents and prosecutors are working hard to stop sexual trafficking. In large measure, these individuals are also turning a blind eye towards the ever-expanding problem of “adult” obscenity that helps stimulate the demand for both adult and child prostitutes. “Adult” obscenity does not depict actual children, [...]

Non-porn players rush to grab .xxx websites

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By Glenn Chapman | AFP Colleges, museums and well known groups have rushed to grab online addresses in the “.xxx” domain to prevent porn purveyors from using their names in the Internet’s new red light district. Public sales of .xxx addresses began last week after ICM Registry gave companies, groups, actors, porn stars and other [...]

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