How Can I Help?

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How Can I Help?

If you are interested in making a donation, Freed by Truth encourages you to offer whatever you can through any of the following websites:

Morality In Media

The Kingsmen

Fight The New Drug

For more information on how you can volunteer to help in the war against porn, Freed by Truth recommends visiting the following sites for more information:

Volunteer resources at The War On Illegal Pornography

Become a fighter at Fight The New Drug

War On Porn

Why the Government Should Care About Pornography: The State Interest In Protecting Children and Families

Read the November 2005 Senate hearing.

From The War on Illegal Pornography:

We call on all groups to unite in this cause as a Coalition for the War on Illegal Pornography. We call on everyone – families, women’s and children’s rights advocates, faith-based groups, business leaders, medical personnel, elected officials – to join the Coalition and work together in order to stop the growing amount of hard core pornography available in America. This is a bipartisan effort dedicated only to anti-pornography efforts. The Coalition is led by Morality In Media.

View Coalition Listing

If you or someone you know is addicted to pornography, reach out now to get started on the path to recovery.