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The Mystery of Modesty

The words of this year’s theme, “Behold the Mystery,” can be seen around every corner and heard from every mouth here at Life Teen. As I thought and prayed about it, I remembered learning that the word mystery comes from the Latin “mysterion.” It means something that is revealed while at the same time concealed.

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Teaching Children Healthy Sexuality

Gone are the days when parents can talk superficially about “the birds and bees” and expect their children to turn out OK. Our hyper-sexualized culture now reaches into more than 60 percent of American homes via the Internet1 and two-thirds of homes through cable TV.2 Whether our children are urban or rural, rich or poor, they need intentional parents who model a continuum of healthy behaviors. Behind the sexual choices made by older children and adolescents is the deeper issue of personal character learned at home.

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Talking Points

Not sure how to respond to questions from your peers and professors? Don’t know what to say in an interview? Constantly getting stumped by opposing views? Check out these helpful talking points and quick stats so that you’re always prepared! These facts are sure to help change the conversation and promote greater understanding on marriage, sexuality, and love.

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Emma Watson On Modesty: What happened?

That girl would go to the ends of the earth for her friends … and she did. She’s brilliant, fun and witty while dealing with bushy hair and oversized teeth. I can’t help but admire her. Plus, as a mud-blood she mastered time-turning, obliviation, polyjuice potion, the Protean Charm, apparating, a Patronus, wingardium leviosa, and lots of other impressive words I can’t pronounce.

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Jason Evert on Girls’ Fashion and How Guys Think

US speaker Jason Evert talks about how men and women see fashion, and consequently the body, differently. Here, he delivers before an audience of university students for Love, Life and Everything in Between event, conducted by students from the University of Asia and the Pacific and University of the Philippines.


What Men Want Video

Michele Fleming speaks to the women at the 6th National Catholic Singles Conference about what men want. To have Michele speak at your event or to learn more,


The Robotic Girlfriend and the New Manichaeism

A friend who knows I like to stay informed about disturbing trends in society recently sent me an article announcing the world’s first life-size sex robot complete with artificial intelligence and “flesh like” skin.  Douglas Hines, its creator, explains that she’s more than a sexual play-thing: “She’s a companion . . . She hears you.  She listens to you.  She speaks.  She feels your touch . . .We are trying to replicate a personality.”

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Girls Only Segment

Jason Evert speaks directly to the girls about modesty and learning how not to settle for the wrong kind of attention.

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If you or someone you know is addicted to pornography, reach out now to get started on the path to recovery.